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SUMMER DESIGN TRENDS 101: Colors & Feelings of Summertime

With the school year ending and the BBQ season beginning, where will you find the time to get your home ready for the transition of summer? If you’re like most people you start off the summer or weekend completely inspired to paint your front door, mow your grass, and fix your garden, however, once "life happens" you either get to busy or lose the inspiration and where does that leave you and your home’s transition?

Instead of getting discouraged, here are a few easy ways to get your home summer ready quicker than you can cook a chicken kabob!

Welcome summertime by grilling out in the backyard or throwing a neighborhood pool party. Set up outdoor tables, chairs, maybe a outdoor bar? To add a pop of color, add a mixture of coral and turquoise outdoor throw pillows. Target is the way to go for these items! Once you have the ground ready, string strands of clear teardrop outdoor lights and outdoor lanterns, this will create a festive atmosphere to continue your party all night!

Once you have the outdoor patio ready to go, head back inside… OPEN EVERYTHING! Bring in the fresh summertime light, hang some vibrant curtains and open those puppies up! Throw open the doors and windows. Take away any accessories that are dark and heavy such as throws or quilts and replace them with more colorful throw pillows or old colorful glass jars!

To add a nice green organic touch, add succulents! These are seriously a hidden gem! Succulents last forever and require little attention! You can place them in a planter, terrarium, or just a glass pot and they are gorgeous! Succulents are the perfect addition to any table setting, empty shelf or bathroom counter! The natural elements will help add texture and character to your home!

Speaking of table settings, one way to get your home to POP for summer is to be confident with colors! Consider adding accent dishes, these add color and style to any table and are available at Target or Anthropologie! Mixing and Matching older dishes with newer dishes is great too!

Adding fruit to your water or beverages is not only a great way to add color but also encourage a healthy lifestyle! Lavender lemonade is a nice, light, easy to make summer drink! Another easy trick is adding things like straws, these come in packs some that are different colors and some that are striped! Last drink accessory that will make any come cocktail look fun and festive is stir sticks! Stir sticks are a great party accessory, especially for mixed drinks!

Lastly, don’t be afraid to use things around your house that you may not normally use everyday. Summer is the perfect opportunity to find unexpected uses for formal serving pieces. A silver tray can hold pretty glassware, a pitcher can be filled with a refreshing summer cocktail or infused water, and a champagne bucket makes a great container for keeping ice close while you’re outside.


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