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Millennial, Entrepreneur, & New Mom

If you’re sitting at your small cubical with no windows and no idea if it's sunny or rainy, daydreaming of anything else besides what you are actually supposed to be doing, well then, this article is for you.


I am Kam Hardy, millennial, and recent college graduate and that daydreamer was me. I did exactly what you are supposed to do. I lived it up in college. I got to do everything! I had a part time job, I got to go out on the weekends, I got to study and live abroad and I even got a job right out of college. I got a job at a furniture store, the world's largest furniture store to be exact. While, working there was interesting and full of learning experiences, I wasn’t actually doing anything that mattered to me, and I was daydreaming a lot. So, in December of 2015, 10 months after I graduated college, I quit.

In the meantime of my “career daydream”, I had also gotten some very wonderful yet unexpected news. I was going to be a MOM! However, unexpected or not, babies are a gift. My boyfriend and I are very excited to meet our sweet little girl, Charlee Kennedy, in only 3 short months!

Okay, back to the career choices, once I learned I was going to be a new mom, I had so many questions. First, yes tons of questions on; What to eat? How to exercise? What to wear? And yes, I bought literally every baby book out there. But, the real question what was I going to do for a career? How was I going to take care of us and contribute my half of the expenses? This was when I met someone who would not only become my business mentor but also a great friend! She helped me find my passion, something I was excited about, and something that was needed, I found my niche. Long story short- I started my own business. I own a successful social media and marketing business called Project Social and Company!

Yes, starting a company can be a very intimidating process, especially when you’re a millennial and are expecting a baby.

But… It can be done!

I am sure you have all heard the famous Thomas Edison quote, “I never did a day's work in my life. It was all fun!” While this may be true and doing something that makes you happy and content is awesome, take a leap of faith, choose faith over fear and everything else will fall into place.

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